Are ficus trees poisonous to dogs?

Answer Although any individual can have a unique allergic reaction, ficus trees are generally considered to be nontoxic. According to PetAmore, however, dogs have been known to suffer from upset stomach a... Read More »

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Are ficus trees poisonous?

Ficus trees (also known as weeping figs or benjamin trees) are grown indoors or outdoors in warm climates, where their height may reach up to 75 feet. Ficus leaves contain a toxic, milky sap that c... Read More »

Are ficus trees poisonous to cats?

The Cat Fanciers' Association Inc. and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals both caution that ficus tree varieties such as ficus benjamina, fig and weeping fig are poisonou... Read More »

Are Ficus Houseplants Poisonous to Dogs?

Rubber tree plants and weeping figs are just two of the house plants in the Ficus genus labeled with the everyday moniker of "Ficus." Growing as trees, shrubs and vines, these plants can pose a haz... Read More »

Are Mimosa Trees Poisonous to Dogs?

True mimosas are herbaceous or shrublike plants. The mimosa tree is Albizia julibrissin; it is also known as a silk tree. Mimosa trees are marked by multiple trunks and pink, silky flowers. Their g... Read More »