Are ficus bee-pollinated?

Answer Ficus trees that do not bear fruit do not need to be pollinated at all. Some ficus trees that bear figs must be pollinated by a caprifig wasp, called a fig wasp for short. Calimyrna figs and sycamo... Read More »

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Bat Pollinated Flowers?

Among the most valuable animals that pollinate flowers are bats. Approximately one-third of various bat species---e.g., fruit bats, flying foxes and leaf-nosed bats---frequent flower patches at nig... Read More »

What is open pollinated?

varieties that are no longer protected by patent law and do not require you pay royalties to the breeder.

Why do flowers need to be pollinated?

Just like animals, many plants reproduce sexually, combining DNA from both males and females. They do this by pollinating, depositing pollen from male reproductive structure, the anther, to the fem... Read More »

Bee-Pollinated Flowers & Petunias?

Bees see yellow, blue and colors in the ultraviolet range. Some flowers that appear solidly colored to people guide bees to their fragrant nectar with ultraviolet patterns. Others, including snapdr... Read More »