Are geckos good pets?

Answer On One Hand: Pros of Having a Gecko as a PetFor those seeking an unusual and exotic pet that doesn't take up a lot of space a gecko may be a good choice. Once their habitat is properly set up, they... Read More »

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Are hamsters good pets?

On One Hand: Low MaintenanceHamsters that have been handled by humans while they are young are docile, loving pets. They manage themselves in a couple of major areas: grooming and exercise. They ar... Read More »

Are turtles good pets?

On One Hand: Turtles Are Easy to Care ForTurtles are easy and simple to maintain and care for. Most turtles eat normal human food, such as cooked fish, turkey or chicken, boiled eggs, leafy vegetab... Read More »

What is a good allergy medication for pets?

On One Hand: Steroids Work states that steroid injections drastically reduce allergy symptoms in pets. However, these work best for small periods of time. The effectiveness wea... Read More »

Are laminate floors good if you have pets?

Answer It depends on the pet. If you are potty training a puppy or's a carpet saver. (if you can keep it in the area of the laminate floor.) Other than that they can slip....which c... Read More »