Are ferrets dangerous to pregnant women?

Answer It's possible, ferrets can contract some of the same diseases as cats or dogs. Make sure your pet is up to date on all vaccinations and treat for fleas. Use precautions the same as dog or cats. Was... Read More »

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IS CROUP dangerous to pregnant women?

I am a nanny and when the kids I watch got croup my obgyn told me to stay away until they had finished the meds for it. I was 10 weeks at the time.

Are shingles dangerous to pregnant women?

if you are trying to imply that it is contagious at all, it is not, not even a little bit contagious. people only get it because of the vericella zoster virus (same virus for chicken pox), you can ... Read More »

Is xerox machine dangerous to pregnant women?

Are tanning booths dangerous for pregnant women?

On One Hand: Tanning Booths UnsafeAccording to dermatologist Sandra Johnson of, "visiting a tanning booth 10 times in a year can double your chances of developing melanoma---one of t... Read More »