Are felons required to be tested for HIV?

Answer HIV testing is a requirement for inmates in federal prisons. (See References 1) State prisons, however, do not necessarily require HIV testing. While many state prisons carry out mandatory tests, o... Read More »

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Are air cylinders required to be hydrostatically tested?

Air cylinders are required to be hydrostatically tested every five years in the United States. This varies from country to country, with Australia requiring annual testing. Test dates are stamped o... Read More »

My husband was tested for hiv on november, should i get tested?

Yes. One way to think about this question (and many other health questions) is this way: "If I have the disease, what are the risks to me and/or others if I don't know?" For certain diseases, the... Read More »

Can felons adopt in tx?

No, I've already adopted two children in Texas and both times I had to have a background check that would have ruled me out if I would have had a felony conviction in my history...sorry.

Jobs for felons?

This is a problem all over. If there are no jobs, the best is make your own works for felons and recessions. Start a company to put felons to work and Clevland or Ohio might put up some c... Read More »