Are federal employees'health benefits taxed?

Answer According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, there is a pre-tax arrangement for federal employees called Premium Conversion which allows the portion of the employees salary that is taken o... Read More »

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Are Social Security benefits taxed by state or federal?

Up to 85 percent of a beneficiary's Social Security benefits are subject to taxes both from the state and from the federal government. The determining factor is income level. A substantial income c... Read More »

Are Social Security disability benefits taxed by state or federal?

Individuals receiving disability benefits from the Social Security Administration may have to pay taxes depending on their income and filing status. Those who file as individuals and make over $25,... Read More »

What Things Are Taxed When You Pay Federal Taxes?

The Internal Revenue Service administers the tax code throughout the United States. Taxpayers file their income tax returns once a year. To understand their income tax liability, taxpayers must und... Read More »

Is military retirement income taxed by the federal government?

Military retirement pay is subject to federal income taxation. Only retirement pay for disability is tax-free. Retirees are not required to report this income. The amount withheld from retirement p... Read More »