Are federal contractors eligible for federal government hotel rates?

Answer Yes, contractors working for the federal government are generally eligible for the same reduced rates offered to federal-government employees. However, the exact nature of the benefits offered is u... Read More »

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Are You Eligible for Unemployment if You Owe Federal Taxes?

Owing taxes can feel like a tremendous burden. It can take careful financial planning and hard work to get caught up on back taxes. Losing work complicates matters and may impose an obstacle to get... Read More »

Who is eligible for the U.S. federal research development tax credit?

Companies that develop "improved products and processes" are eligible for the U.S. federal research development tax credit as long as the process " requires experimentation to overcome uncertaintie... Read More »

Is Job Corps a federal government job?

No, Job Corps is not a federal government job. Job Corps is an education and training program designed to help young people learn a career and find a job. You have to be at lealst 16 years old to q... Read More »

How much of my pay can be garnished by the federal government?

The Department of Education can seize up to 10 percent of after-tax income for student loans in default, and other federal agencies can garnish up to 15 percent for federal debts. State laws do not... Read More »