Are fat people more likely to have a boyfriend?

Answer no not at all usaully fat people are ugly nada nada.

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What causes people too die of Colon cancer more Like what makes it more likely for someone too pass way?

Diet and annual checks ups have little to do with colon cancer. The #1 reason most people die from colon cancer is they do not get colonoscopies when they should.

Are people that were adopted more likely to adopt when they are older?

Answer My fianc'e was adopted and when we get married we both decided to have our birth child and than go and adopt a child in need. I am so happy that he was even willing to try to adopt a child ... Read More »

Do the appeals on wikipedia make you less likely or more likely to donate?

Neither, though they are intrusive and I find them annoying. I preferred before when it was one or two lines of text on the screen, rather than a large photo.

If you have genital warts are you more likely to have cervical cancer?

no, HPV that causes warts is the low risk type, it doesn't cause cervical cancer. And having high risk HPV doesn't mean you'll get cancer either, just means you're more at risk, much like you're at... Read More »