How to Get Rid of Lumpy Hair?

Answer When you’re having a bad hair day, even the smallest thing can get you down. So, if you wake up with a bad case of bed head and you can't get your hair to lie flat no matter how hard you try, use... Read More »

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Is cultured buttermilk lumpy?

Cultured buttermilk is thick, but is not usually lumpy. Most cultured buttermilk is made using fat-free or low-fat milk and cultures that act as thickening agents. Some manufacturers add a small am... Read More »

Is Activia Natural Yogurt usually lumpy?

Its gone bad.. look at the expiration date

How to Prevent Baking a Lumpy Cake?

You can bake wonderful cakes that hold their shape, have a tender golden crust, and taste great. Tips you can use for oven temperature, pan treatment, timing, rack placement, mixing batter and cool... Read More »

Is there a way I can make my lumpy nail polish work like new?

Whenever my nail polish becomes lumpy I put a bit of nail polish remover in the container, close the lid and shake it well. This is just temporary of course. Once you use this method on the same na... Read More »