Are face- in-hole pictures saved even if you aren't signed in?

Answer After you make a picture and it goes to the page where it shows how you could buy a shirt of it, it will show the picture you made, under that. You right click your work and save it to "My Pictures... Read More »

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Is there any way to recover deleted pictures on your camera even AFTER you took more pictures?

The answer is Yes, it's highly possible to recover the deleted pictures even if you have taken more pictures. AS this happened just yesterday. So it think you still have great chance to get your de... Read More »

Why is my Facebook page popping up on OTHER sites when I'm not even signed in!?

Delete cookies from your browser and make sure you are logged out. You could also, if you have Firefox, download the DNT or Ghostery extensions to keep website from tracking you.

How do I change the size of pictures saved on my computer?

Picture EditingOpen the picture in a picture editing program. Many computers already include at least a very basic software program. Double click on the picture, and it will open in a picture progr... Read More »

How to Burn Pictures to a CD From My Saved in My Favorites?

Burning your favorite pictures from a saved folder to a CD is known as burning a data disc. Unlike an audio CD, data discs are used as storage and transfer devices, storing up to 700MBs of informat... Read More »