Are extendable batons legal?

Answer For the most part, expandable batons are legal to carry. However, in a few states, they are prohibited to be carried due to laws against carrying "clubs," "billies" or "bludgeons." These states are... Read More »

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Are extendable batons illegal?

The legality of carrying an expandable baton depends on the state. Many states, such as California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York and Texas, allow you to carry an exp... Read More »

Are batons legal in Canada?

According to part three of the Canadian Legal Information Institute's document on regulations relating to weapons, a Kiyoga Baton or Steel Cobra is illegal in the country. The Kiyoga Baton, Steel C... Read More »

Are batons legal in Texas?

It is illegal to possess an expandable baton in Texas. Batons are considered impact weapons which, according to the website Safety Gear HQ, cannot be carried--concealed or otherwise--in the state.S... Read More »

Are expandable batons legal in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma state law prohibits the carrying of any spring-loaded knife or club except by law enforcement officials or for hunting use. While spring-loaded or collapsible batons may not be illegal to ... Read More »