Are expired vaccines dangerous for pets?

Answer On One Hand: Two or More RequiredA pet that has had two vaccinations in its life is typically still protected from exposure, even when its current booster has expired. Falling behind on a pet's vac... Read More »

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Are Lawn Treatments Dangerous for Pets?

You can use a variety of lawn treatments to keep your grass looking healthy. If you have pets, however, keep in mind that what helps your lawn can be dangerous for them. Does this S... Read More »

Are citrus fruits dangerous to pets?

Small amounts of citrus is fine for your pet, but may cause gastrointestinal upsets because of the tartness. Large amounts of citrus can possibly cause stomach irritation and central nervous system... Read More »

Is rock salt used to melt ice dangerous for pets?

While most pets will not eat enough rock salt to be dangerous, ingesting it can lead to stomach upset. In addition, prolonged contact with it can lead to skin irritation. The same problems can occu... Read More »

Is it safe to drink an expired sealed grounded coffee(expired 7yrs ago)?

no problem at allmay not be as stronginvite friends over and serve it and see response