Are expired steroids safe to use?

Answer On One Hand: Expiration Dates Are GuidelinesAccording to the Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide, studies performed by the Food and Drug Administration in cooperation with the United States ... Read More »

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Is it safe to drink an expired sealed grounded coffee(expired 7yrs ago)?

no problem at allmay not be as stronginvite friends over and serve it and see response

Are there any safe steroids?

On One Hand: Steroids Have a Medical UseSteroids are sometimes prescribed for certain medical conditions, especially steroids with anti-inflammatory properties, according to the Mayo Clinic. As lon... Read More »

Are steroids safe for infants?

No, never give steroids to an infant.

5 Day Expired Pork Ribs Safe to Eat?

they are fine as long as they have been frozen. if you thaw them today cook them today,. i buy marked down meat all the time, i just make sure i freeze the day i buy it or cook it that day. the... Read More »