Are exhaust headers part of the engine?

Answer Exhaust headers, or exhaust manifolds, are not part of the engine. They are the leading part of the exhaust system on any internal combustion engine. They provide a release point for engine pressu... Read More »

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How to Change Exhaust Headers?

Exhaust headers serve to route spent exhaust gases from a car's engine to the exhaust system. Headers require replacement if they become cracked or worn and develop subsequent exhaust leaks. You ca... Read More »

Do headers change the sound of the exhaust?

Aftermarket exhaust headers dramatically change the sound of the exhaust system because of the increase in diameter of the exhaust outlet and the increased amount of waste gases exiting the engine.... Read More »

Open Headers Vs. Full Exhaust?

Seeing a vehicle with open headers is far less common than the majority of vehicles equipped with a full exhaust system. Open headers are extremely loud, potentially illegal on public roads and mos... Read More »

What are the benefits of ceramic exhaust headers?

Headers are tubular exhaust manifolds designed to get an engine's exhaust gasses out of the motor as quickly as possible, allowing the engine to make more power. Headers are often coated with a spe... Read More »