Are enhanced diamonds good?

Answer On One Hand: Enhanced Diamonds are GoodAn enhanced diamond is a diamond that had visible flaws but has been corrected, either by filling or by laser treatment. The value of the diamond is not reduc... Read More »

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Are enhanced diamonds bad?

On One Hand: They Are Not BadAn enhanced diamond is simply a diamond that has been touched up, with flaws and imperfections removed. Enhanced diamonds are real diamonds, not cubic zirconium, which ... Read More »

Enhanced Blue Diamonds: Facts?

White, or clear, diamonds are the most common; only one in about every 10,000 diamonds is a colored diamond. In colored diamonds, chemical impurities in the crystalline structure cause the stones t... Read More »

Are D color diamonds good?

On One Hand: D Is Absolutely ColorlessDiamonds classified as D grade are considered to be colorless, which is highly desirable. A colorless diamond will have increased sparkle and will be more expe... Read More »

Are synthetic diamonds any good?

On One Hand: Synthetic Diamonds Are GoodSynthetic diamonds have become so mainstream that the Gemological Institute of America, the organization responsible for the "four C's of cut, color, clarity... Read More »