Are energy saving improvements to my home tax deductible?

Answer If you purchase an energy efficient or renewable energy system for your home, which meets all the qualifications established by the government, you may be able to take a tax credit. Not all energy ... Read More »

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Are home improvements for a new roof tax-deductible?

On One Hand: No, not directlyAccording to Eric Tyson in "Taxes for Dummies," home improvement projects including a new roof are not tax-deductible unless the work is being done on a business. Any w... Read More »

Do you use energy saving light bulbs at home?

CFLs, like all fluorescent lamps (e.g., long tubular lamps common in offices and kitchens), contain small amounts of mercuryand it is a concern for landfills and waste incinerators where the mercur... Read More »

Are capital improvements tax deductible?

Capital improvements are capital costs, and capital costs are capitalized, not deducted. Capital improvements increase the basis in the property on which the capital improvement occurred. The incre... Read More »

Can a non-owner resident claim an energy tax credit for eligible improvements to the residence?

No, a non-owner resident cannot claim the energy tax credit for eligible improvements to a residence. Only homeowners who make the improvements to a primary residence are eligible for the credit.Re... Read More »