Are energy efficient appliances tax deductible?

Answer Energy efficient appliances are not tax-deductible, but many Energy Star products qualify for U.S. federal tax credits. Energy efficient windows and doors, water heaters, roofs, insulation, biomass... Read More »

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Which is more energy efficient lcd or led tv?

LED back lit TV's, are more energy efficient than other LCD TVs, that use CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) technology for the back lighting.

Is coal or oil more energy efficient?

Oil is more energy-efficient than coal, according to a 2008 report by the International Energy Agency. Oil's 37 percent efficiency was 3 percent greater than coal's 34 percent efficiency. Efficienc... Read More »

Are new windows energy efficient?

On One Hand: Not AutomaticallyNot all new windows are energy-efficient. According to the Efficient Windows Collaborative, you still need to research window retailers in your area to find one that s... Read More »

How efficient is nuclear energy?

On One Hand: More Efficient Than Fossil FuelsNuclear energy is very efficient, especially when compared with fossil fuels. Nuclear energy is based on the elemental reactions of uranium. One tube of... Read More »