Are employees expected to continue their education once they begin the career?

Answer i dunno if its expected but its good if u do. It'll improve your ways of working which will probably make your boss happy.

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Scholarships for Teachers to Continue Their Education?

In the world of education, teachers must become constant learners. The best practices and methods to increase student achievement are always changing, as is the subject matter that teachers present... Read More »

Once a parent has signed over their parental rights can they try to stop it if it is still waiting to go to court even though their deadline has already expired to rescind it?

Answer Who would ever want to raise a child who could have been raised by his/her parents? The object is not for you to have a child, the object is to do the best thing for the baby. If the parents... Read More »

On wikipedia it says that they are all vollenteers, what is in it for their hundreds of employees really?

All Wikipedia editors are volunteers. The Wikimedia Foundation which runs Wikipedia only has 14 or so (see source) paid employees as of writing this; everyone else is doing it because they want to.... Read More »

Is it common for girls to fear pregnancy after their first time so much that they begin to feel symptoms?

Answer if you fear pregnancy or want it too much, you can experience phantom pregnancies, dont worry, just go and visit a doctor - and he may refer you for counselling to help you get over this fea... Read More »