Are electrons smaller than protons?

Answer No. According to the National Earth Science Teachers Association, protons are much larger than electrons and nearly the same size as neutrons. All three particles are the building blocks of atoms,... Read More »

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Are electrons larger than neutrons&protons?

Electrons are not larger than neutrons or protons. The atomic mass of an electron is 1.1 E-31 kg, while the mass of neutrons and protons is 1.7 E-27 kg each.References:City Atomic S... Read More »

Do electrons have a higher mass than protons?

Electrons do not have a higher mass than protons. The mass of a proton particle is 1.67 --- 10-27 kg. The mass of a neutron particle is also 1.67 --- 10-27 kg. And the mass of an electron particle... Read More »

Who discovered the quarks which are smaller than protons?

In the year 1963 American physicist Murray Gell-Mann and Russian born physicist George Zweig independently proposed that a proton was not a fundamental particle. A proton instead is composed of thr... Read More »

Who discovered protons, electrons&neutrons?

Protons were discovered by New Zealand scientist Ernest Rutherford in 1919. Electrons were discovered by J.J. Thomson, a British physicist, in 1897. Neutrons were discovered by James Chadwick, a sc... Read More »