Are electric heaters more expensive?

Answer On One Hand: Electric Heaters are Expensive.Electric heaters can be a pricey initial investment. Some of 2010's best-reviewed models with the power necessary to heat an entire room cost upward of $... Read More »

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Why are propane hot water heaters more expensive?

Propane water heaters are more expensive than other water heating units because they are capable of heating more water than conventional water heaters while using less energy. They also are about a... Read More »

Are oil filled electric heaters more efficient than gas furnaces?

On One Hand: Oil Filled Heaters Only Heat Rooms You UseOil filled heaters use radiant heat to warm up a room. Radiant heat works by heating a person or object instead of the air. If you live in a b... Read More »

Is electric ovens more expensive than gas?

How much will your electric bill go up using portable electric heaters?

Cost of operating electric portable heatersYou need to know three things: Wattage of heaters Operating hours per month Cost of electricity Example: If you have a 1000 watt heater that operates 1 ho... Read More »