Are electric fireplaces cheap in the us?

Answer On One Hand: You Can Get a Cheap OneElectrical fireplaces are not a new technology in the U.S., so the prices have fallen on the lower end models. You can find a small one without a great deal of o... Read More »

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Fuel Gel Fireplaces Compared to Electric Fireplaces?

Fuel gel fireplaces and electric fireplaces are both alternatives to the more common gas-powered fireplaces. They both use cleaner sources of energy to provide heat to homes, and they are both rela... Read More »

Are gas fireplaces more efficient than electric fireplaces?

On One Hand: Electric Fireplaces Are Very EfficientElectric fireplaces are extremely efficient, converting more than 90 percent of their energy to heating. Unfortunately, electric fireplaces can't ... Read More »

Are gas fireplaces cheap to run?

On One Hand: Gas Fireplaces Are Cheap to RunA gas burning fire place is cheap to run and is very efficient compared to a wood burning fire place. The efficiency of a wood-burning fireplace is only ... Read More »

How effective are electric fireplaces?

On One Hand: Effective in HeatingThe electric fireplace was designed for people who love a fireplace but live without a chimney. They are perfect for an apartment, condo or a house with no chimney.... Read More »