Are electric blankets damaging to skin tissue?

Answer On One Hand: Safe operation poses no hazard to mostThe Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that proper care, maintenance and operation of electric blankets should pose no hazard to most cons... Read More »

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Drying Heavy Blankets & Damaging the Dryer?

While many dryers have large capacity drums and might even have specific cycles for large, bulky items, not all blankets are meant for drying in a residential unit. If your blanket is extremely lar... Read More »

Can diabetics use electric blankets?

On One Hand: Danger of BurnsDiabetics often have damaged nerves in their feet and legs, which may result in an inability to sense when something is too hot. Because of this, most electric blankets ... Read More »

Are electric blankets harmful?

On One Hand: Safe if Used CorrectlyAccording to the Fire and Rescue Department of Fairfax County, Virginia, electric blankets are safe. The trouble starts if they are misused. For example, you must... Read More »

Are electric blankets safe to use?

On One Hand: Electric blankets are saferElectric blankets are safer to use than other heating products, including space heaters, according to Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Services. Electric blank... Read More »