Are egg beaters the same as egg whites?

Answer According to the manufacturer, Egg Beaters should not be considered the same as egg whites, because the product is made by adding some of the egg yolk's nutrients to regular egg whites. The company... Read More »

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What is in Egg Beaters?

The product Egg Beaters contains actual eggs. However, Egg Beaters contain only egg whites and no egg yolk. Specifically, they are made of 99 percent egg white, 1 percent egg flavor, spices, colori... Read More »

How much fat is in egg beaters?

Egg Beaters is an egg substitute often used by individuals trying to lose weight and lower their cholesterol. Egg Beaters has zero grams of fat, which includes saturated and trans fats. A 1/4 cup o... Read More »

Can you freeze Egg Beaters?

According to ConAgra Foods, the maker of Egg Beaters, the product can be frozen if the package is unopened. If the package has been opened, Egg Beaters should not be frozen. Egg Beaters that were f... Read More »

Who invented Egg Beaters?

ConAgra Foods introduced the Egg Beaters brand egg substitute to supermarket freezers in 1972. Refrigerated Egg Beaters were not developed until 1994. Egg Beaters, made from enriched egg whites, wa... Read More »