Are ecumenical councils infallible?

Answer On One Hand: The Roman Catholic ViewThe Ecumenical Councils are assemblies to which all bishops in the Catholic Church are invited, though they need not all attend for the council to be considered ... Read More »

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Will i get the councils help ?

Hi mj -Council housing can be a confusing area. Who gets a council flat (or house) depends on many different factors: - poor health made worse by housing conditions - lack of, or shared use of so... Read More »

Service Projects for High School Student Councils?

High School Student Councils exist largely to provide opportunities to serve the student body. They also develop students' interpersonal skills such as leadership and team work. There are a host of... Read More »

How to Remove L'oreal's Infallible Lipstick?

L'oreal is a cosmetic company that makes several types of makeup products. Infallible is a special line of L'oreal long-lasting makeup. The line includes foundation, eyeliner, lip liner, lip gloss ... Read More »

Why do people still refuse to admit that Wikipedia is perfect and infallible?

Well it's problematic because any clown can go in and change anything they want without an account.I could go onto the following wiki: and change it to say som... Read More »