Are easy lift chairs safe?

Answer On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsEasy Lift chairs provide many benefits. In addition to their electronic vibration and massage technology, Easy Lift chairs also recline and are reportedly ideal for ... Read More »

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How to Move and Lift a Gun Safe?

We all know moving can be a pain, particularly when you have large furniture or storage containers like a gun safe to move. Gun safes are not only heavy, they can be awkward, potentially top heavy ... Read More »

Safe Use of a Hydraulic Lift?

The Center To Protect Workers Rights claim that 26 construction workers die each year from incidents involving aerial hydraulic lifts. Hydraulic lifts pose threats of falling or being injured by fa... Read More »

Is it safe to lift weights during pregnancy?

As long as it is not too strenuos it shoulf be all right.

Is it safe for a 14-year-old to lift weights?

Prett sure, but do not overdo your self, little amounts at a time, while brething with 12-15 reps, no powerlifting. Never lock out your joints. Do As much as your can handle with 12-15 reps each ti... Read More »