Are earthworms useful creatures?

Answer On One Hand: They Help Fertilize.Earthworms are a great help to humans in that they aid in healthy plant growth by fertilizing soil. For this reason, a 1979 article in the "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette"... Read More »

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What is the name of the seal-like creatures in the arctic?

The Harp seal, located along the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans, features web-like flippers comparable to the common seal that enables it to swim. The Harp seal is surrounded in thick white fur w... Read More »

Can you name some movies with ghosts and other creatures?

Any Stephen King Book/Movie, he is the #1 Horror writer. Famous works include -The Shining-It-Desperation-Carrie-Pet Sematary (Not cemetary, sematary)Also movies such as-The Grudge-The Grudge 2-The... Read More »

What creatures are in primeval season 5?

I'm pretty sure there is going to be a swimming raptor(?),a pliosaur,burrowing creatures(possibly Sid and Nancy), and recently, Tim haines and Adrian hodges have confirmed there will be "mutated fu... Read More »

How to Catch Creek Creatures?

Do you live near a creek? Have you seen all those odd creature swimming around? Do you want to catch some?