Are earthworms segmented worms?

Answer All earthworms have segmented bodies. The segments are sometimes referred to as "rings." Each segment houses different organs and performs different bodily functions. Earthworms may have anywhere f... Read More »

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Segmented Worms Diet?

Segmented worms serve an important role in the ecosystem. They burrow and dig tunnels through soil and allow the plants to more easily receive air and moisture to their root systems. Segmented worm... Read More »

How to Make a Segmented Ponytail?

A segmented ponytail is a fresh take on an old classic. Here's how to do one.

How to Write a Segmented Essay?

While most essays are written in chronological, linear fashion with clear transitions, segmented essays are a bit different. Considered a more poetic way to write an essay, segmented essays are mad... Read More »

What causes low segmented neutrophils and high lymphocytes?

what causes a white cell count of 3.6 and a neutrophils of 35 and lymphocytes 53 and eosinophils 4