Are earthworms safe to eat?

Answer On One Hand: Earthworms Are NutritiousThe U.S. Army Field Manual states that worms are an excellent source of protein and can be eaten after being soaked in water for 15 minutes. This removes the d... Read More »

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If a dish is dishwasher safe and microwave safe is it oven safe?

not really. it just depends on the if its glass, stone, plastic, etc.

How big are earthworms?

Earthworms, commonly referred to as nightcrawlers, are found in warm, moist soil. Earthworms are useful as fish bait and are fed upon by birds. Earthworms help sustain plant life by burrowing into ... Read More »

How Do Earthworms Regenerate?

Earthworms have developed the ability to regenerate as a way of dealing with attacks from predators. An earthworm sliced in two can still survive as the segment of body containing the head will reg... Read More »

Who do earthworms prey on?

Earthworms don't actively prey on anything. They eat dead and decaying plant and animal matter. Earthworms suck food from the earth into their mouths, grind it into digestible pieces, absorb the nu... Read More »