Are earthworms native to the Cypress Swamps?

Answer Earthworms are not native to the Cypress Swamps. There are over 2,700 different types of earthworms in the world. Earthworms were first introduced to America by the Europeans. There are over 100 sp... Read More »

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Do earthworms live in swamps?

Earthworms live in almost every corner on earth. Swamps are perfect places for them because of the moist environment, which earthworms require. Earthworms do not have lungs; instead, they breathe t... Read More »

Swamps in Ecosystems?

Swamps are best defined as "forested wetlands" according to the University of Florida's website. Swamp ecosystems are endangered by agricultural expansion, as well as the timber and oil industries... Read More »

Types of Trees in Swamps?

Many different types of swamps exist throughout the United States, including cypress, hardwood, conifer and shrub swamps. Each of these types of swamps contains unique plant life and vegetation, in... Read More »

Plant Life in Swamps?

Plant life in a swamp is dependent on many factors, such as age of the wetlands. Life can change due to weather patterns, deterioration and the area in which a swamp is located. One must also facto... Read More »