Are earthworms harmful to a garden?

Answer On One Hand: Earthworms Do DamageEarthworms are not native to North American and were introduced by European settlers. Earthworms do not interact well with native plant species; they eat leaf litte... Read More »

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Are Milk Spores harmful to earthworms?

No. Milky Spores, also referred to as Milk Spores, were engineered by the USDA as a weapon in eradicating the Japanese Beetle. The Milk Spore is host-specific and affects only Japanese Beetle grub... Read More »

How to Encourage Earthworms Into Your Garden?

Earthworms are vital for good soil; they move through it aerating as the go by making holes for their travels. Earthworms process organic matter in their bodies and return good things to the soil, ... Read More »

I have a ton of earthworms in my garden, is this good or bad?

How do earthworms improve garden health?

The opening up of passageways through the soil and the leaving of nutrient rich organic matter are two ways in which earthworms improve garden health. The passages that they open in their movements... Read More »