Are ear drops harmful?

Answer On One Hand: Ear Drops Have AdvantagesEar drops have advantages as a topical treatment. The treatment can reach the affected area quicker than those that are swallowed or injected. According to med... Read More »

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How to Use Eye Drops?

Have you ever wondered how to use eye drops? If so, these step by step instructions will assist you in successful usage of them!

What does it mean when the Dow drops?

The Dow Jones is an industrial average that shows how thirty different major stocks perform during a trading period. When the overall price of stocks in the Dow Jones rises for the day, the Dow wil... Read More »

60 ml how many drops?

The standard drop is 1/20 of a ml so 1 ml = 20 drops so 60 ml = 1200 drops.

Using Eye Drops too Often?

there is a lot here to address:"I have a bit of blurred vision and based on what I've read online, can be caused by excess fluid in the eyes (not sure if they meant actually IN the eye or the thin ... Read More »