Are e cigarettes safe?

Answer They're a scam. My husband and our friend uses them and they both smoke a ton of cigarettes too. Stopping cigs takes will power and the drive to do it, cold turkey.

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Are electronic cigarettes safe?

On One Hand: FDA WarningsAccording to analysis done by the United States Food and Drug Administration, electronic cigarettes contain chemicals and impurities that are harmful to humans. The chemica... Read More »

Why are there no safe cigarettes?

Remember (in the UK) those 'NSM' ciggies in the mid seventies - it meant 'new smoking material', which apparently had none of the 'killing ingredients' - all ciggy firms jumped on the bandwagon...a... Read More »

Is it safe to add mint leaves to cigarettes?

It's safe doesn't taste good though. Not like buying menthol cigs

Are the fire safe cigarettes making me sick?

On One Hand: Fire-Safe Cigarettes Contain More ChemicalsFire-safe cigarettes contain higher levels of toxic chemicals than regular cigarettes. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, comm... Read More »