Are dyson vacuums good?

Answer On One Hand: Superior Design and PerformanceJames Dyson, the engineer responsible for the Dyson vacuum, claims to have revolutionized the vacuum cleaner industry. Proponents claim Dyson's bagless d... Read More »

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How to Adjust the Level on Dyson Vacuums?

Dyson vacuums are known for their innovative designs, ease of use and durability. A feature that all Dyson vacuums have is a level adjustment that can be switched when moving from a carpeted floor ... Read More »

Where are Dyson vacuums manufactured?

Dyson Vacuum cleaners are manufactured in Wiltshire, England, and in Malaysia. James Dyson, the founder, started outsourcing to Malaysia in 2005. He used increased revenue from lower production cos... Read More »

Are bagless vacuums better than vacuums with bags?

On One Hand: Bag-less VacuumsWith bag-less vacuums, dirt fills into a clear cup that the operator empties. Supporters will say bag-less vacuums offer a solution to always having to buy and replace ... Read More »

How good are refurbished vacuums?

On One Hand: Potentially UsedA refurbished vacuum may be used when you buy it, in which case marks and a general worn appearance are to be expected. It may also be outdated or not last as long as a... Read More »