Are dwarf pomegranate trees self-polinating?

Answer Dwarf pomegranate trees are self-pollinating but can be cross-pollinated by insects as well. Dwarf pomegranates, however, may need to be hand pollinated to set fruit, according to Gurneys Seed & Nu... Read More »

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Care of Dwarf Pomegranate Trees?

Dwarf pomegranate trees bestow a Mediterranean look for home gardens. Their coral blossoms, green foliage and brightly colored fruit make effective specimen plants. The majority of dwarf pomegranat... Read More »

The Advantages of Dwarf & Semi-Dwarf & Standard Plum Trees?

Plum trees come in three sizes: dwarf, semi-dwarf and standard. Land owners should consider their space, need for fruit and ability to maintain the tree before choosing which one is right for them.... Read More »

The Advantages of Growing Dwarf and Semi-Dwarf Fruit Trees?

As humans begin to manipulate and better understand plants, they selected fruit trees for characteristics they desired, such as size and flavor. Fruit trees that grew to a smaller mature size or bo... Read More »

Dwarf Pomegranate Tree Varieties?

Native to Iran and northern India's Himalayan Mountains, the pomegranate tree, or Punica granatum, has been cultivated since antiquity throughout the Mediterranean region for its fruit and stunning... Read More »