Are dryer balls noisy?

Answer Dryer balls are made of plastic or rubber and usually have some type of fabric softener in them to help make the drying laundry more wrinkle free, sweet smelling and soft. As the balls bang around ... Read More »

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How do I repair a noisy dryer?

Examine the DrumOpen the door to the dryer. Look inside the drum for any loose objects. Notice if there are any large dents in the sides of the drum. Remove any objects that you find.Examine the Ba... Read More »

Ideas to Quiet a Noisy Washer and Dryer in a Kitchen?

Not every home has a separate laundry room to house the washer and dryer. Putting these in the kitchen gives the washer access to the water line for the home, but such placement becomes noisy. Gett... Read More »

What are dryer balls made of?

Dryer balls are made of polyvinyl chloride plastic, also known as PVC. PVC is used in many household products, including toys and food packaging. It is also widely used in the health care industry.... Read More »

Homemade Dryer Balls?

You can make your laundry static and wrinkle free with homemade dryer balls. These homemade balls are free of the chemicals usually found in dryer sheets and fabric softeners. They work by lifting ... Read More »