Are drinking glasses with a high lead content bad for you?

Answer Studies from Columbia University show that lead containers--including drinking glasses--can potentially leech into any liquids you might consume. While it is unlikely a single drink from a lead dri... Read More »

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Is there a way to see if homegrown tomatoes have lead content due to lead dust in the soil?

Does drinking coffee with a lot of milk really lower the caffeine content?

You are absolutely right. Pretty smart. The only way to lower the caffeine is to limit the amount of coffee. So, pour a half cup of coffee and fill the rest with warm milk. Cafe au lait. Ole!

How do I clean drinking glasses with vinegar?

Warm the VinegarPour equal portions of vinegar and water into a cooking pot. Warm slightly. Do not allow it to boil. For extra stubborn stains use full-strength vinegar.Soak the GlassesPlace drinki... Read More »

Can you use hard well water with a high iron content to fill a fiberglass pool?

Answer I would try to filter the water first. Additionally, I would use a product to reduce the fall out of iron on the pool walls. It will most likely take about two quarts initially. This would ... Read More »