Are drinking glasses with a high lead content bad for you?

Answer Studies from Columbia University show that lead containers--including drinking glasses--can potentially leech into any liquids you might consume. While it is unlikely a single drink from a lead dri... Read More »

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Is there a way to see if homegrown tomatoes have lead content due to lead dust in the soil?

What is the minimum lead content in crystal?

In order for a piece of crystal to qualify under the technical definition of "lead crystal," it must contain a minimum amount of 10 percent lead oxide. Any amount under that percentage may still be... Read More »

Does drinking coffee with a lot of milk really lower the caffeine content?

You are absolutely right. Pretty smart. The only way to lower the caffeine is to limit the amount of coffee. So, pour a half cup of coffee and fill the rest with warm milk. Cafe au lait. Ole!

How to Keep Cats from Drinking Out of Glasses?

Some cats love to stick their paws or heads into your drinking glasses. This is an important habit to stop, because your cat could become sick from what they drink, and guests may not appreciate ca... Read More »