Are dress codes in schools effective?

Answer On One Hand: Dress Codes Decrease DistractionsSchool dress codes and uniforms can decrease distractions in the classroom, which may improve academic performance. They can also minimize differences ... Read More »

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Why should schools have uniforms and dress codes?

The subject of whether schools should have uniforms and dress codes is a debate that has gone on for some time. Districts argue about whether or not altering the student dress code is for them. The... Read More »

Teachers' Codes of Ethics and Dress Codes?

In recent years, the public and educators have engaged in an intense debate over dress codes for educators. At its crux stands a recent movement away from traditional "dress" clothing (suits, ties,... Read More »

Valentine dance dress help please most effective= 10 points!?

dress 3 fo sho!its a really 'in' cut with the strapless and empire waistlooove the coloryou could do flats and a cute clutch with a little sweaterooor do what all the stars are doing and wear it wi... Read More »

When did dress codes start?

There is no way to know when the first dress code was created, since regulations regarding clothing may have existed before written records. We do know that at least as far back as the Middle Ages,... Read More »