.Are dr dre in -ear earphones really worth it Do they have good sound quality?

Answer Well.. u Can get them almost Anywhere. Cheapest place to get them at is Bells I got mine for 20$ their

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What is the name of a good high quality set of wireless in ear earphones?

You want to buy some good quality headphones for around 100pounds what can anyone suggest that is worth buying?

There is no Sprint iPhone. Most likely wont happen till late 2011.

Which camcorder to buy Low budget, good sound quality?

Low end camcorders have small lens and small imaging chip - this makes it impossible to capture good video under poor lighting conditions. Manual controls are buried in the menu and difficult to us... Read More »

Best headphone brands with really good sound quality?

Just like loudspeakers all headphones have completely different sound quality's, so we cannot hear for you and its hard to hear every model as most headphones are not available for audition.So our ... Read More »