Are downward facing blue LED lights on my motorcycle illegal in Texas?

Answer According to Texas Transportation Code section 547.305, equipping your motorcycle with blue lights, steady or flashing, on any portion of a street-ridden motorcycle is a direct violation of Texas t... Read More »

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How to Do a Downward Facing Arm/Leg Exercise?

This low-impact exercise uses your spinal muscles to stabilize both your back and the rest of your body.Target zone: Spinal musclesIntensity level: MediumEquipment: None

How to Do Downward Facing Ankle Squeezes?

Muscles in the lower backside often don't get the exercise they deserve during workouts. Downward-facing ankles squeezes can help stretch that part of your body, as well as improve the relationship... Read More »

How to Do a Downward Facing Frog Exercise?

This high-intensity exercise benefits your muscles by opening up and stretching your hips and upper legs.

How to Perform Downward Facing Dog in Yoga?

In yoga, the "downward facing dog", or "adho mukha svanasana", is a handstand, forward bend and inversion pose. You can do the pose alone or as part of a sun salutation series. Downward facing dog ... Read More »