Are double pane windows better than thick single pane windows?

Answer On One Hand: Single Pane Windows Cost LessSingle pane windows are cheaper but allow heat to escape from your home. Even thick single pane windows lose up to double the amount of heat as double pane... Read More »

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Glass Block Windows Vs. Double Pane Windows?

Glass block windows and double pane windows are very different window options. The most obvious difference is visibility: double pane windows are designed for visibility and very clear views of the... Read More »

Are my double-pane windows bad?

On One Hand: Double-Pane Windows are GoodDouble-pane glass is also known as double-glazing. The two layers of glass add insulation qualities to the glass window that are much better than those of t... Read More »

How to Remove Moisture From Double-Pane Windows?

Double-panes are a common feature used to increase the energy efficiency of windows. In double panes, two panes are separated by a sealed pocket of inert gas. This gas serves as an insulator, slowi... Read More »

Can single pane windows amplify sound, or am I just going cranky?

Heck yes! Reverberates through the brick and windows until it drives you mad, like a wayward fly buzzing your morning breathed mouth in the morning!