Are donkeys sterile?

Answer Donkeys are not sterile and can reproduce. Donkeys that reproduce with other donkeys produce donkeys. If a donkey reproduces with a horse, however, the offspring, whether a mule or a hinny, is almo... Read More »

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Is a sterile dressing that touches a bed rail still considered sterile?

A sterile dressing that comes in contact with a bed rail is considered contaminated. The contents of a sterile dressing are contained in what is known as a sterile field.References:Terry Chavez D.O... Read More »

What is sterile mean first aid?

Why would donkeys dig in the soil?

Donkeys dig in the soil for several reasons. All reasons are closely related and are based on the animals' natural habitat.Natural HabitatThe donkey, Equus asinus, is native to the African savanna.... Read More »

How much do donkeys cost?

According to Equine Now, in 2010 a donkey costs between $75 and $4,500. This price is dependent upon a number of factors including breeder, confirmation, sex, color, personality and size. The Turni... Read More »