What Are Three Characteristics that Dolphins & Whales Share?

Answer Whales, dolphins and porpoises belong to the group of marine animals called cetaceans. Cetaceans are not fish; they are mammals, or warm-blooded creatures that breathe air and give birth to live yo... Read More »

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How to Volunteer for Saving Dolphins & Whales?

Though the 21st century has seen the growth of numerous conservation organizations working to save marine wildlife, whales and dolphins remain in danger. Seven of the 13 great whale species are end... Read More »

Global Warming & Its Effects on Dolphins & Whales?

Rising temperatures of the earth's overall climate are predicted to affect large ocean mammals, such as whiles and dolphins, in multiple ways. These animals --- collectively known as cetaceans --- ... Read More »

How are us navy dolphins similar to Russian navy dolphins?

What is the number of whales in a pod?

Whale pods vary in size from one to 40 or more. The Blue Whale, Gray Whale and Bryde's Whale travel in pods that range from one to three whales. The Killer Whale and Humpback Whale travel in pods t... Read More »