Are dolphins mean?

Answer On One Hand: Dolphins are Naturally CuriousDolphins are highly intelligent creatures with a brain capacity 40 percent larger than human beings. Their intelligence often leads to curiosity, and they... Read More »

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How are us navy dolphins similar to Russian navy dolphins?

How to Train Dolphins?

People have been training animals from early times to the present day. Dolphins are considered one of the most intelligent species in the animal kingdom. Like most animals, they develop their behav... Read More »

Do dolphins have hair or fur?

When they are first born, dolphins have hair. It comes in the form of whiskers on their rostrum (or, as it is commonly called, snout). Due to water pressure, the quarter-inch-long whiskers fall out... Read More »

Do dolphins have ears?

Dolphins have ears, but unlike the external ears seen on many mammals, they are internal ears. Internal ears help give dolpins' bodies a more streamlined shape for quicker movement through the wate... Read More »