Are dogwood trees hard to transplant in June?

Answer On One Hand: Dormancy and TransplantationTransplanting a dogwood is best done while the tree is dormant, in winter or early spring. If the tree is flowering, it should not be transplanted; wait unt... Read More »

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How do I transplant dogwood trees?

Choose a Small Dogwood or a Nursery SpecimenSelect a nursery-grown dogwood over a wild specimen whenever possible. Wild dogwood trees are very difficult to transplant. Nursery-grown trees have been... Read More »

How do I transplant wild dogwood trees?

The Right Tree and the Right LocationAsk permission before removing any plant or small tree from a wild location. Once permission has been granted, choose a very small dogwood and select a spot in ... Read More »

The Best Time of Year to Transplant Dogwood Trees?

The dogwood tree is a popular landscaping addition for many homeowners because of its beauty throughout the summer. In the spring, dogwoods are filled with white flowers and later develop red berri... Read More »

How do I transplant twigs from a dogwood bush?

Plant the TwigsCut 6- to 8-inch branch sections from new growth on the dogwood bush or tree in late spring. The cuttings will be the length and diameter of a twig. Remove the dogwood leaves from th... Read More »