Are dogs safe around babies?

Answer I'm not sure if you are asking about the safety of the baby or the dog. But it depends on the particular dog, as far as the safety of the baby. Some dogs are fine with babies, others might be too r... Read More »

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Is herbicide safe around dogs?

On One Hand: Be ConcernedHerbicides don't hold the danger that other gardening chemicals, such as insecticides, do, but that doesn't mean they are harmless. When herbicides are in use, you should k... Read More »

Is a flat screen tv stand safe to have around babies?

A flat screen tv is safe to have around babies. If you hang it on the wall just make sure it is far enough away from the floor and on the wall sturdy so it doesn't fall.

How can you know if your house is safe for babies to crawl around?

Well there is people you can hire to tell you If you have any major problems with your home but not everyone wants to hire someone to do that so you can buy safety items like wall sercut covers and... Read More »

How do cats and dogs affect babies?

In general cats and dogs can actually help the imune system of a baby or child. As the baby or child grows they are more likely to come into contact with the pet and thus this strengthens the imune... Read More »