How to Draw Mouths?

Answer Drawing a mouth seems to be very difficult, as every bodies mouth looks different. Here's a step by step guide to help draw mouths subject to your model.

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What if we farted out of our mouths and ate through our butts?

Why can't diabetics take insulin through their mouths?

Insulin is aborbsed via fat cells and it must be administered via subcutaneous injections (not intramuscular). There are certain oral hypoglycemic meds, but those are reserved more for Type II or o... Read More »

Is it possible for women to do eye makeup with their mouths shut ;o)?

absolutely not! I watched my mother do it that way and always thought to myself "I won't do it that way." Oh how things change. I realized that stretching and opening the mouth makes it way easier... Read More »

When do babies stop putting everything in their mouths?

About 18 months give or take one or two. They put things in their mouths because they are trying to learn what it is and it is one of the 5 senses.