Are dogs, cats and monkeys are edible have you tried it what did it taste like?

Answer yes monkey brains..fresh wand warm..they get alive money and put his/her head in under the table and it is held by screws into his head..they saw off the top of his head, they pull the skull off an... Read More »

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What do cats and dogs taste like?

I don't know, my Mom has had dog, she was raised on the border of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, she said it was kind of heavy and too gamy and sweet for her. The Souix Indians ... Read More »

I have an ige level of 3000--with allergic asthma--also have 3 dogs and 2 cats--what can i do to not get rid o?

Well, get a mask if you need one, and maybe a brush, and be vigilant with that.

I have never tried the internet what is it like?

i haven't either , we should both go look up the answer on google

Have you ever tried a rum and pep at anytime what they like.?

aye hot stuff fine peppermint and Rum followed by a few beers thought makes me feel good there matey.)) Savvy