Are dog litter boxes good?

Answer On One Hand: Small Dogs Benefit From Litter Box TrainingSmall dogs---with smaller bladders---benefit from dog litter-box training because they can eliminate whenever they feel the need, according t... Read More »

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Why do cats use litter boxes?

Litter boxes provide safe, clean places for cats to urinate or defecate. They also help ensure cats do not eliminate in inappropriate places, a must for any cat owner.InstinctCats have a natural in... Read More »

Why cats use litter boxes?

Litter boxes provide cats with a place to urinate or defecate while living indoors. Most indoor cats are taught to use a litter box to prevent messes and smells around their owner's house.InstinctI... Read More »

Why do cats use beds as litter boxes?

Cats are clean creatures and it's usually easy to train them to use the litter box. Despite this, a cat may start urinating or defecating in a bed for reasons ranging from a urinary-tract infection... Read More »

How to Stop Cat Litter Boxes from Stinking?

It is terrible when people come over to your house, and they know you have a cat or kitten that they don't even see it. Litter box smell can ruin your social life.