Are do it yourself ink refiller kits worth it?

Answer Yes! There are a couple tricks. Always fill a cartridge that is operating correctly before you fill it. That means, top off a cartidge not a completely empty one. The reason for this is that th... Read More »

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Is it worth it to buy the refill kits for my ink cartridges for my HP printer?

A 3rd option you might want to consider is to have a store refill your cartridge. Some outlets of Staples and Walgreens provide the service now. I didn't want to mess with the cartridge myself, so ... Read More »

Are printer cartridge refill kits worth the money and are they easy for the hamfisted to use?

More modern cartridges CANT be refilled by the end user. They are embedding electronic chips on the cartridges that read the ink level, and once it says the cartridge is empty, it wont let you just... Read More »

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