Are dizziness and head aches normal during pregnancy?

Answer Answer You may indeed feel dizzy, particularly if you stand up suddenly or if late in pregnancy you are laying on your back.headaches are not normal, though if you are stressed they may come on.If... Read More »

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Are body aches and fatigue normal during pregnancy?

Answer You bet! Lots of wierd things happen when your pregnant! Answer Fatigue is yes and body aches in your tummy and lower back are too. But anything else isn't so see your doctor to rule out A... Read More »

Is head aches and back pains a sign of pregnancy?

What to do to get rid of severe headache,dizziness ,body aches,eye sore and stomach cramps?

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Can an abscessed tooth cause a bad taste in your mouth affecting food and various aches and pains including dizziness?

Answer Yes, it maybe infected and if you do nothing about it it may actually travel to your brain. I'm not kidding get it taken care of! Answer An abscessed tooth leaves a bad taste in your mout... Read More »